About Piroman

In absence of large financial amounts to pay a serious research about the green Bassman, facts are rare. His origin is unknown, but probably he comes from a Bass-Universe somwhere out there. However, he first appeared in 98 when a Bassmixtape with a very strong Intro-Track knocked out the M.E.G.A., a well talented DJ/Musician. He released the first 12'' 'The PIROMAN Ep' (see discography), which contains the 'Ouverture' of the Basstape and a very trippy Basstrack, called 'Piro's Theme' which is presumed to be the initial production of Piroman's Bassuniverse. The 3rd track of this EP, 'La Turb', is a heavy shaker in tradition of techno-like Electro with just a few ideas consequently worked out.

Piroman met the artist TB and they collaborated on an animated videoclip for 'La Turb'. It took 9 months of hard work to create the three-minute story which tells an episode of the rebirth of Piroman on earth: the Liberation from his very personal and unusual jail.

The Video-Clip ran several times on German Nr. 1 music-TV VIVA (without any company pushing it or Playlist-Shit - a VJ just liked it!) and won the mecon new talent award 1999 in Cologne - category 'musicclips', although some of the jury-members had their problem with the simple, direct 2D style of the Video. Time will come to show it to the greater masses - check it out!

Recent 12'' is 'Sweat Songs' (see discography), which again contains three tracks: the big 'Weapons?', psychodelic 'owl's drive 136' and the heavy Electro-Titletrack 'Sweat Song'.

After having spent some time in Asia, Piroman now is back again and working hard in his base in Miami-Bretzenheim.

To be continued.